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Rottweiler breeder german

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Welcome to Schwarzberg Rottweilers, where the German Rottweiler standard is the only standard.

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At Schwarzberg Rottweilers we strive to produce the total Rottweiler, a dog this is not only a wonderful family pet, but has the ability to compete in the show ring or on the Schutzhund field. A Rottweiler that is able to accomplish any task asked of him or her.

We breed to produce compact, powerful dogs with heavy bone and large blocky heads. Schwarzberg Rottweilers possess stable temperaments, balanced conformation and superior health.


Please view our puppies page for available dogs/puppies offered for sale by us as well as some of our friends. See our puppies page for details.PUPPIES READY NOW!

Rottweiler Jagger and Greta

Jagger and Greta

The best of friends!


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Rottweiler Female puppy

Mia Von Hausderberg @ 9 weeks old and her friend Leo the cat.


Schwarzberg Rottweiler Puppy

Greta, the future of Schwarzberg rottweilers

Ohio Rottweiler Breeder offering AKC Rottweiler Puppies for sale.

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